Formed in 2013, Delmarva Health Network is a clinically integrated organization formed to better health, better health care, and lower costs for the communities that we serve on the Delmarva Peninsula. Delmarva Health Network is focused on delivering a better patient care experience, while focusing on higher quality and better clinical outcomes—through various programs, including coordinating the transitions patients make from provider to provider. While the organization itself is new, the participants in this Accountable Care Organization (ACO) have been long pillars of the community—community physicians and Beebe Healthcare.

ACO Composition:
Delmarva Health Network is a collaboration between physicians and hospitals.

I have questions. Who should I contact?
If you have questions about the Delmarva Health Network and what it means for you, please do not hesitate to call us at (302) 645-3878 or by email to

You may also call Medicare directly at 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) with any questions you might have about ACOs like the Delmarva Health Network or your Medicare benefits.

Delmarva Health Network’s Governing Body:
Dr. Jeffrey Heckert, Board Chairman and President, Mid-Atlantic Family Practice
Dr. Kirkland Beebe, Vice Chair, Beebe Physician Network, Inc.
Vacant, Secretary
Dr. Jeffrey Hawtof, Treasurer, Beebe Physician Network, Inc. & Beebe Medical Center, Inc
Dr. Lisa Bartels, Beebe Physician Network, Inc.
Dr. Carmelo DiSalvo, Mid-Atlantic Family Practice
Dr. Sally Dowling, Sally H. Dowling, MD, LLC
Mr. Jeffrey Fried, FACHE, Beebe Medical Center, Inc
Mr. Alex Sydnor, Beebe Medical Center, Inc
Mr. Richard Pack, Medicare Beneficiary
Dr. Edwin Castaneda, Edwin T Castaneda MD PA
Mr. Michael Franklin, FACHE, Atlantic General Hospital Corp
Dr. Stephen Waters, Atlantic General Hospital Corp

Board Committees:
Physician Quality Improvement Committee
Dr. Lisa Bartels, Chair, Beebe Physician Network, Inc.

Finance and Compensation Committee

Key Clinical and Administrative Leadership Personnel:
Alex Sydnor, Administrator
Holly Marvel, RN, Health Outcomes Manager
Ngozi Azuogu, RN, Data Activation Specialist
Jackye Emory, Compliance Officer
Jeffrey Hawtof, MD, Medical Director

Press/Outreach Primary Contact:
Alex Sydnor
Delmarva Health Network
P.O. Box 618
Lewes DE 19958
(302) 645-3115

Aggregate Amount of Shared Savings/Losses
Performance Year 1 (2014): $0.00
Performance Year (2015): TBD
Performance Year (2016): TBD

How Shared Savings Are Distributed:
In 2014 Delmarva Health Network (DHN) physicians and caregivers working together were able to lower the total cost of care for our patients while meeting quality goals. The reductions in total cost of care achieved were not sufficient for DHN to receive payment from Medicare so no savings were shared with physicians.

It is the policy of Delmarva Health network to split shared savings that are generated 50%/50% between the hospital(s) and physician participants. Allocation of savings is based on quality performance of the facility or physician and the panel of attributed patients to that facility or physician.

Quality Performance Results Table:

    2012 Reporting Period 2013 Reporting Period 2014 Reporting Period
Measure Number  

Performance Measure


ACO Performance Rate

Mean Performance Rate for all ACOs
ACO #1 Getting Timely Care, Appointments, and Information n/a n/a 81.65 80.13
ACO #2 How Well Your Doctors Communicate n/a n/a 93.70 92.39
ACO #3 Patients’ Rating of Doctor n/a n/a 93.09 91.58
ACO #4 Access to Specialists n/a n/a 79.21 83.97
ACO #5 Health Promotion and Education n/a n/a 60.19 58.29
ACO #6 Shared Decision Making n/a n/a 75.67 74.60
ACO #7 Health Status/Functional Status n/a n/a 75.10 71.10
ACO #8 Risk Standardized, All Condition Readmissions n/a n/a 14.74 15.15
ACO #9 ASC Admissions: COPD or Asthma in Older Adults n/a n/a 0.57 1.08
ACO #10 ASC Admission: HF n/a n/a 1.57 1.19
ACO #11 Percent of Primary Care Providers Who Successfully Attested for the EHR Incentive Program Incentive Payment n/a n/a 92.86 76.71
ACO #12 Medication Reconciliation n/a n/a 91.04 82.61
ACO #13 Falls: Screening for Fall Risk n/a n/a 38.07 45.60
ACO #14 Influenza Immunization n/a n/a 67.12 57.51
ACO #15 Pneumococcal Vaccination n/a n/a 62.85 55.03
ACO #16 Adult Weight Screening and Follow-up n/a n/a 22.65 66.75
ACO #17 Tobacco Use Assessment and Cessation Intervention n/a n/a 93.39 86.79
ACO #18 Depression Screening n/a n/a 19.58 39.27
ACO #19 Colorectal Cancer Screening n/a n/a 53.94 56.14
ACO #20 Mammography Screening n/a n/a 72.78 61.41
ACO #21 Proportion of Adults who had blood pressure screened in past 2 years n/a n/a 44.98 60.24
ACO #22 Hemoglobin A1c Control (HbA1c) (<8 percent) n/a n/a 79.02 25.41
ACO #23 Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) (< 100 mg/dL) n/a n/a 69.04 25.41
ACO #24 Blood Pressure (BP) < 140/90 n/a n/a 76.17 25.41
ACO #25 Tobacco Non-Use n/a n/a 87.98 25.41
ACO #26 Aspirin Use n/a n/a 69.78 25.41
ACO #27 Percent of beneficiaries with diabetes whose HbA1c in poor control (>9 percent) n/a n/a 9.37 20.35
ACO #28 Percent of beneficiaries with hypertension whose BP < 140/90 n/a n/a 75.85 68.02
ACO #29 Percent of beneficiaries with IVD with complete lipid profile and LDL control < 100mg/dl n/a n/a 70.92 57.29
ACO #30 Percent of beneficiaries who use Aspirin or other antithrombotic n/a n/a 78.30 80.79
ACO #31 Beta-Blocker Therapy for LVSD n/a n/a 71.64 82.71
ACO #32 Drug Therapy for Lowering LDL-Cholesterol n/a n/a 83.94 66.90
ACO #33 (ACE) Inhibitor or (ARB) Therapy for Patients with CAD and Diabetes and/or (LVSD) n/a n/a 78.21 66.90

Note:  ASC = ambulatory sensitive conditions, COPD = chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, PCP = primary care physician, EHR = electronic health record, IVD = ischemic vascular disease, LVSD = left ventrical systolic dysfunction, ACE = angiotensin-converting enzyme, ARG = angiotensin receptor blocker, CAD = coronary artery disease.

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